Everyone Deserves a Sweet Home

UjULUS is the first universal real-estate technology platform and hub to help rent, sell, or buy by owner, landlord, property and rental management, or realtor. UjULUS platform helps connect them to the best local professionals who can help. Our mission is to make real-estate simple and easy. We have the right resources to make it convenient and secure.

UjULUS serves the full lifecycle of renting, selling, and buying. Everyone deserves a place called home. Our mobile app and website are designed to make the real-estate experience simple and convenient. We believe in connection and limitless opportunities. It has always been a dream to create a universal real-estate technology platform to help people connect directly and do business. We have created an easy and friendly platform where you can sell, rent or buy properties all in one place at the convenience of your own time.

Our technology application will help you and take your hand in making it happen.

UjULUS launched in 2020. It's headquarters is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Kal Merhi
"We were put on Earth to serve one-another."
David Goguen
"Life, work, and principles."